Ropes Gone Wild

The Art of Undulation: The simple definition is "wave like motion". Creating a wave like pattern with rope sounds simple and it is. Let's take this to another level. Become part of the wave pattern that you are creating. By doing this you work every muscle in your body. The concentration of the movements is in your core.

At first you will feel like it's an arm (especially shoulder dominant) exercise. When you find the efficiency of becoming part of the wave pattern you will get the real benefit of undulation and Ropes Gone Wild.


Ropes Gone Wild

Anthony writes: "I originally found out about undulation from Ori Hofmekler (The author of the Warrior Diet) Ori explained how soldiers would relieve stress levels by undulation with at bath towel. (Sound Silly? Try it for about 30 seconds... it's an ass kicker.) They would do this for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off for 3-4 minutes (Tabata). I immediately added the towel to the Punch Circuits. Clients love it. As the idea evolved, I started using chain, and length of garden hose. Neither was very user friendly. I had two climbing ropes hanging in the gym; I unhooked them from the ceiling and tried undulation with them. It was perfect."


  1. Great Cardio
    It is easy to integrate the cardio into any workout without wasting time. Overhead Squats, grab a rope and squat and undulate at the same time... Crazy!
  2. The ropes are the great equalizer
    Everyone can undulate the rope. Injured, heavy, athlete - The ropes have no mercy.
  3. Getting the muscles to work in concert
    Undulation forces the body to integrate many muscle groups to get the job done. You instinctually find a level of efficiency that allows you to dig just a bit deeper to last the time.


Everyone! Anyone can do it!

Oakland Raiders find true strength with AOS for the season

"I am an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Oakland Raiders. I was first introduced to Anthony DiLuglio and the Ropes Gone Wild Program at the Perform Better Functional Training Summit in Long Beach, CA. Upon returning to Oakland, I received the ropes and the accompanying DVD in the mail and began using them. What I love about the ropes is how they force you to engage your core, and also how it provides excellent total body conditioning. The first group I introduced the ropes to was our kickers. I felt it was a good way to add variety to their workouts and to challenge their core strength and endurance in a new way.

We have now integrated Ropes Gone Wild into the in-season workouts for the entire team, and have had positive feedback from everyone who uses them. The players have taken to them well and many have commented on how just a 20 or 30 second burst on the ropes can work them that hard and make their heart rates rise so rapidly.

An added benefit of the ropes for us has been their use with our Injured Reserve players. Since we can perform all of the standing rope patterns in a seated position, this gives us a way to aid in reconditioning our athletes in addition to the rehab that they are involved in. I would definitely recommend using Ropes Gone Wild as a part of your strength and conditioning arsenal to achieve better core strength."