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Challenge Accepted.  The Whole Life Challenge is a 6 week program that focuses on 7 daily habits: Nutrition, Exercise, Mobilization, Sleep, Hydration, Well-Being, and Reflection.  Team Art of Strength Minnesota welcomes all to participate and potentially make a positive difference in your life.


New Year 2019 WLC Week 3 Mobility

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Seated Calf Stretch With a Resistance Band
Grab a resistance band, a yoga strap, a towel, or something similar.
    •    Sit on the floor with your legs extended.
    •    Loop a resistance band (or whatever tool you're using) around one foot, holding both sides of it with your hands.
    •    Gently pull your toes toward your shin until you feel the stretch in your calf.        
    •    Repeat on the other side.

Lunging Calf Stretch
A straight back leg means you’re going to feel it in the gastrocnemius, the large muscle of your calf.
    •    Stand facing a couple of feet away from a wall. If you’re not near a wall, you can also just do this with your hands on your hips.
    •    Place your hands on the wall for support and step one foot back into a mini lunge, bending your front leg and keeping your back leg straight.
    •    Lean into the wall and press your back heel down so it's flat on the ground. The further apart your feet are, the deeper the stretch will be.
    •    Once you've held this stretch, change the angle of your foot positioning, you'll probably find that different parts of your calf feel tighter than others, depending on your movement patterns.
    •    Repeat on the other side.

Heel Drop Stretch
For this stretch, you'll need a step or a box of some sort. 
    •    Stand with the balls of your feet on the edge of your step.
    •    Drop one heel toward the floor. Bend your other leg and try not to put much weight into it.
    •    Repeat on the other side.
    •    To make this a dynamic stretch, you can slowly pedal your heels back and forth, or drop both heels toward the ground and raise them up and down.

Standing Bent-Over Calf Stretch
This stretch helps you work on ankle dorsiflexion and it also hits your hamstrings.
    •    Stand with your feet staggered.
    •    Bend your back knee and keep your front knee straight as you fold forward and grab onto your front foot underneath your toes.
    •    Pull up gently on your toes, feeling the stretch in your calf.
    •    Repeat on the other side.

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