Our Story

About Us

Art of Strength Minnesota opened in November of 2010 offering a fresh take on bringing ‘fun’ into functional fitness. Art of Strength Minnesota workouts are dynamic, varied and specifically programmed to balance strength, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility in every session.  Since opening we have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of individuals in reaching their fitness goals. Our training style appeals to those of diverse experience levels, ages, and both men and women. We believe that what we do is accessible to all, and our coaches are there to help our clients you reach your potential.

Located in Edina near 169 and 494 we are easily accessible to those in the metro area as well as the surrounding suburbs. We offer a clean and inviting 5000 sq. foot facility with ample parking, showers, restrooms and changing areas.

Our Philosophy

Art of Strength Minnesota is today’s embodiment of the timeless concept of Physical Culture: how to train for maximum functional strength, giving you a body that is even stronger than it looks, more durable, less prone to injury, and more resilient. Art of Strength Minnesota includes training methods, equipment and programs that have been proven to work across a wide spectrum of users, including elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts, first responders, adolescents, and anyone looking to get more out of life. We believe everyone is an athlete!

The past is the future. At Art of Strength Minnesota we train utilizing tools such as kettlebells, ropes, suspension training and bodyweight, which have been proven effective for centuries in developing strong, fit, resilient bodies.

Your body is the machine. Put treadmills and weight machines aside. Develop authentic, functional strength by learning how to use your body as the machine to increase strength and endurance as well as correct imbalances. You will feel more connected to your body both inside and outside the walls of the gym.

Follow No One. Our motto is simple: this is all about YOU! The days of big box gyms and nameless gym goers walking aimlessly around the fitness floor are coming to a close. As a smaller gym, Art of Strength Minnesota offers the personal attention and community feel often lacking at big chain fitness facilities. Paving a new path in fitness, Art of Strength Minnesota follows no one.

Have fun! Working out and staying fit takes time and commitment. We believe this should be time you look forward to, and not dread. We are proud of the supportive environment and variety that is a part of every class. Learn to play again, give high-fives, and get your sweat on!