Enjoy the Journey!

The Art of Strength Minnesota Health Wheel contains six sections that are key to whole health. We believe through our programs, coaches, facility and community we can work with you to create impact in these areas. As part of the orientation you will have the opportunity to complete the Health Wheel assessment.

Health Wheel

Nutrition and Hydration

Nourishing our bodies with whole foods and staying hydrated are vital to maintaining a healthy weight and normal bodily functioning. It provides us with the nutrients needed to replenish the demands or our daily activities. How satisfied are you with your current nutrition and hydration?

Stress Management

Stress can come from many different areas of our lives. How we perceive and respond to stress can greatly impact our mental, emotional and physical well-being. How satisfied are you with your ability to manage the stress in your life?


Think of self-care as nourishment for your body, mind and spirit. It is how we rest, relax and recover. This can be in the form of quiet time, massage, reading, going for a walk, etc. It is how you stay rejuvenated. How satisfied are you with your self-care?

Community Connections

We are social creatures and a have a basic need for sense of belonging and community. Having a place that feels supportive to commune with others is important to our ability to express ourselves and feel accepted. How satisfied are you with your community connections?

Body Confidence

More important than how we look is how we "think" we look. Body confidence is how you feel about your body. How would you rate your body confidence?

Exercise and Movement

Moving our body through exercise and activity provides many benefits and is essential to a happy, healthy lifestyle. It can be group fitness, organized sports, yoga, dance, walking, paddling etc. How satisfied are you with your level of exercise and movement?