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What is Art of Strength Minnesota?
What is Art of Strength Minnesota?
At Art of Strength Minnesota your body is the machine. We offer training designed to increase your work capacity, improve your power and strength, and gain flexibility and agility. Whether it is losing weight, becoming stronger, more resilient, gaining flexibility or just becoming more fit, we are certain we can help you accomplish it.

Art of Strength Minnesota is today’s embodiment of the timeless concept of Physical Culture: how to train for maximum functional strength, giving you a body that is even stronger than it looks, more durable, less prone to injury, and more resilient.

Art of Strength Minnesota includes training methods, equipment and programs that have been proven to work across a wide spectrum of users, including elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts, first responders, adolescents, those new to fitness, and anyone looking to get more out of life. We all We believe everyone is an athlete!

We are fully dedicated to helping every client reach his or her fitness goals. We believe that the tools, programs, and techniques along with the focused individual attention we provide are the best available to help you achieve your goals. Every visit, there will be a coach available to welcome, assist, motivate and encourage you. Your success is our success.

New Art of Strength Minnesota?
New to Art of Strength Minnesota?
We believe the key to any successful training program is a solid foundation. Everyone starts with our free 60-minute orientation with one of our highly-experienced coaches.

The orientation class will include an introduction and short discussion about our methodology, a dynamic warm-up, a workout that can be completed by people of all fitness levels, and time to answer questions. You will have an opportunity to work hands-on with the different tools, receive coaching on form and technique, as well as consult with a trainer about your fitness goals. If our orientation times don’t work with your schedule we’d be more than happy to set up a time that works for you.

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Inside Art of Strength Minnesota
Inside Art of Strength Minnesota
Inside of our 5000-square foot studio you won’t find machines. You will find a clean, welcoming space, a strong supportive community, and workouts that will challenge your body and mind.

The studio: Art of Strength Minnesota offer a clean, spacious 5,000-square foot studio with ample parking, a welcoming lobby for relaxing and socializing, and a main floor studio as well as smaller loft studio to get your sweat on! The space includes amenities such as a filtered water-filling station, restrooms with showers and toiletries, changing rooms, and workout towels.

The equipment: At Art of Strength Minnesota you will develop authentic, functional strength by learning how to use your body as the machine. You won’t find standard weight machines or cardiovascular equipment. You will learn to develop strength, power, flexibility and stamina using tools such as kettlebells, battle ropes, suspension training, vintage dumbbells and barbells, and good old fashioned body weight exercises! Every tool has a place and a reason.

The workouts: Art of Strength Minnesota workouts are designed to increase your work capacity, increase muscular strength and endurance, improve body composition, as well as mobility, stability, balance and core strength. While classes continually build on this foundation, they are never the same: participants can expect every class to be different. The “Work Out Loud” motto means classes are high energy and fun, and the constantly changing format means constant challenge and growth. We are constantly pushing and reaching to move past thresholds – to be stronger, faster, more powerful!

The community: We are so much more than a gym. We are players on the field, and cheerleaders to keep the team pushing on. We sweat together, laugh together, and find inspiration in one another. We share equipment and high fives. We bring each other up when we are down, and lend a helping hand to those in need. We are the Art of Strength Minnesota family and we always welcome others that want to be a part of it!

We welcome all ages and fitness levels. To train at Art of Strength Minnesota the only thing we require is the desire to make a change. We offer no contract, unlimited group class memberships as well as pay-per-session.

Member Benefits include complimentary guest passes and access to events, open gym access during regular operating hours, discounts on massage sessions, semi-private and private training.

Art of Strength Minnesota offers a health insurance reimbursement program through Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Minnesota, Preferred One and Health Partners for participating groups. Attend 12 classes per month and receive $20 deposited into your bank account.

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