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At Art of Strength Minnesota we understand that health and fitness are defined different by every individual. This is your journey and your workout. We pride ourselves on being unique, and we believe you should too! This is why at Art of Strength Minnesota we Follow No One.

In addition to classes, Art of Strength Minnesota offers programs and clinics throughout the year to help personalize your training based on your goals. These programs and clinics include areas of focus such as performance, weight loss, strength building, technique, mobility, wellness, etc. Here are a list of current programs and clinics:



Take your training to the next level!

Contact us to find out when the next session starts.

Essentials is a 5-week program designed to teach you the 6 essential kettlebell movements: swing, clean, squat, press, snatch and get-up. These 6 movements set the foundation for everything else we do in the gym. They are 'essential' to working safely and effectively. During the program, you will meet with an AOSMN coach once a week in a small group setting (2-5 participants). During each session, you will receive the individual attention you need to improve your technique and get a better understanding of our training tools and methods. In addition, over the course of the 5 weeks you’ll put your skills to practice in our group classes. The small group sessions will include variations of the essentials, as well as cover other tools and exercises to prepare you to get the most of your training.

Highlights of each week:

  • Week 1: Hip hinge and the swing
  • Week 2: Swing variations and cleans
  • Week 3: Presses, squats and get-up
  • Week 4: Windmill and high pulls
  • Week 5: Snatch and review

The Essentials can be purchased as a package including 5 weeks of unlimited group classes for $199. This offer is recommended and designed to allow for an opportunity to put what you've learned to practice. The sessions can also be purchased separately for $100 (Members) and $125 (Non-Members).




Kick-off your resolution to be fit in 2020 with the Art of Strength Minnesota Metabolic Igniting Bootcamp!

Our all-encompassing High Intensity Bootcamp will ignite your body's metabolism and stimulate a growth in Strength and Power output. Each class will include both a strength and metabolic training component.

The group will meet 3x per week, starting Tuesday, January 7th through Saturday, February 15th. Classes will be held on the main floor on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 a.m., and Saturday at 7a.m.

What you can expect:
• 1 on 1 Nutrition Coaching
• Pre and Post program evaluations
• 18 High Intensity Workouts mixed with Strength and Power producing elements to improve your bodies metabolic efficiency as well as, Plyometrics, Gymnastics, and Mobility.
• A fun group of AOSMN community to share in the fun!

Pricing (10% discount through 12/23):
$199 AOSMN Members
$299 Non-members

Summer bodies are made in the Winter. Commit to kicking off the New Year by registering today! Early bird discount of 10% when you register by Monday, December 23rd.

WLC Boot Camp


The Whole Life Challenge Boot Camp will be a six-week all-encompassing health and fitness boot camp. It provides a combination of high-intensity circuit training workouts with strength training, endurance, and mobility work that will improve your overall health and fitness.

While participation in the Whole Life Challenge is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Our health and fitness are not defined just by what we do in the gym or the food we put in our mouths. Sleep, mobility, hydration, well-being, and reflection all play an integral role in our health. Your Whole Life Challenge Coaches will be there to answer all your nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle questions.

At the beginning of the boot camp, we assess your starting fitness and body makeup. We repeat those same measurements at the end of the boot camp so you can see the results of the hard work you put forth!

Boot camp classes will be led by Coach Shane at 6:30 am on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Also, we will be providing 4 skill-based clinics on Saturday’s starting at 10:15 am with dates to be finalized to sharpen your functional fitness. These skill-based clinics will provide education and progressions for weight lifting, rowing, push-ups, and pull-ups.

Above all, we will provide a fantastic support community of like-minded people to share in your journey and to lean on in times of need to help you make your goals successful. Let’s face it, life is just more fun with friends by your side!

Cost of the Whole Life Challenge Boot Camp will be $199 for members. Non-members may join the Whole Life Challenge boot camp for $249, which also allows unlimited access to our group fitness classes during the six weeks.

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