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At Art of Strength Minnesota we understand that health and fitness are defined different by every individual. This is your journey and your workout. We pride ourselves on being unique, and we believe you should too! This is why at Art of Strength Minnesota we Follow No One.

In addition to classes, Art of Strength Minnesota offers programs and clinics throughout the year to help personalize your training based on your goals. These programs and clinics include areas of focus such as performance, weight loss, strength building, technique, mobility, wellness, etc. Here are a list of current programs and clinics:



It's as easy as A.B.C.: AOSMN B-FIT CAMP!
January 20th - February 24th
Hello 2018, goodbye holiday bloat!!
Back by popular demand, this New Year 's A.B.C. program, WINTER BURNER, will focus on helping you to recover from seasonal over-indulgences and recommit to being fit. Special emphasis will be placed on integrating your knowledge of body, nutrition, and workout types to enhance understanding of impact on health related issues while increasing overall fitness level.

Participants are expected to send daily food logs to better educate selves on impact of food on workout performances and physicality. This is a critical component of the boot camp as results will be limited if this is not shared openly.

In addition to food logs, participants are encouraged to attend a combination of classes, with a suggested goal of 5 per week, with special focus on (2) ABC HIT, (2) ABC CAMP, and (1) ABC Barre class. While participants will have access to all AOSMN classes, it is recommended to focus on ABC program classes. To round out the coaching and classes, there will also be 4 Saturday Seminars to increase your knowledge and understanding on key fitness and wellness topics. 

Key Dates & Information:

$299; $219 AOSMN Monthly Members;
Save 10% through December 17th!
Program Kick-off: 1/20/2018
Start of A.B.C. Classes/Seminars: 1/27/2018
Final A.B.C. Class, Wrap-Up & Prizes!: 2/24/18

SPACES LIMITED! Max. of 22 participants.

Registration includes all classes, coaching, seminars, body composition assessments and the opportunity to win CASH prizes!



Next Series Starting:
Thur. March 15th at 5:30p.m. &
Fri. March 16th at 5:30a.m.

BARRE is about the physical as well as the aesthetic benefits of lengthening muscles, while strengthening them.
These sessions will combine Pilates, yoga and ballet moves to give you beautiful, sculpted, lean muscles.
Learn to engage your body fully and keep your mind focused which will help you both inside and outside the walls of the gym.

This opportunity is for 6 weeks. Spaces are limited.



Take your training to the next level!
Next Essentials Starts Saturday, March 10th at 8a.m.
Essentials is a 5-week program designed to teach you the 6 essential kettlebell movements: swing, clean, squat, press, snatch and get-up. These 6 movements set the foundation for everything else we do in the gym. They are ‘essential’ to working safely and effectively. During the program, you will meet with an AOSMN coach once a week in a small group setting (2-5 participants). During each session, you will receive the individual attention you need to improve your technique and get a better understanding of our training tools and methods. In addition, over the course of the 5 weeks you’ll put your skills to practice in our group classes. The small group sessions will include variations of the essentials, as well as cover other tools and exercises to prepare you to get the most of your training.
ighlights of each week:
Week 1: Hip hinge and the swing
Week 2: Swing variations and cleans
Week 3: Presses, squats and get-up
Week 4: Windmill and high pulls
Week 5: Snatch and review
The Essentials can be purchased as a package including 5 weeks of unlimited group classes for $199. This offer is recommended and designed to allow for an opportunity to put what you've learned to practice. The sessions can also be purchased separately for $100 (Members) and $125 (Non-Members).



GET PRIMAL!  Primal Triad Starts April 14th!
Choose from 5:30a.m. or 5:30p.m. session on Tuesday and Thursday

What Is Primal Triad?

The Primal Triad is a six week journey with Coach Son working on form, body mechanics, and movement. You will be measured and challenged to an individual goal in each of the triad modalities to improve over these six weeks.

The program is designed to develop your competency in (3) areas:

  • Mobility (Deadlift)
  • Work Capacity (2K Row)
  • Strength (Pull Up)

One session each week will focus on one of these areas, the rower, deadlift and pull up, while also incorporating ancillary training. The training is designed to incrementally build on your ability to perform and see noticeable gains and improvements in your mobility, work capacity and strength.

Saturdays, Son will team up with Dr. Morgan Baker and Melissa Franklin to discuss key mechanics with stretching and strengthening exercises for you to build into your own routines. We will focus on the mechanics of the shoulders, hips, knees, ankles and feet.


Maintaining the body’s ability to perform its most basic functions unassisted, like picking things up off the floor, getting on and off the toilet, stabilizing against a fall, and raising our arms over head is critical to maintaining our quality of life as we get older.

By now we all understand exercise is one of the keys to living a long, healthy life. Unlike other programs, our mission with the Primal Triad is more than simply life extension. Our goal is to develop competence and give you the tools to live with functional capacity for a lifetime, not just for today.

Who Would Benefit from Primal Triad?

The Deadlift, Row and Pull Up are broken down into four separate levels based on your current ability, so regardless if you are completely new or more advanced, your six-week training program will be tailored to your specific needs.

If you are looking to increase your work capacity, increase your relative strength and move your body with greater freedom this program is for you.

What's Included?

  • Pre- and Post- Assessment in each of the 3 areas (mobility, strength, capacity)
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Custom Primal Triad T-Shirt
  • Mobility Kit (Foam Roller, Thera Band, Resistance Band, Lacrosse Ball)
  • 24 Small Group Sessions (18 with Coach Son; 6 with Coach Son, Morgan, and Melissa)

Session Dates & Times:

Kickoff - Saturday, April 14th at 8a.m.
Sessions times:
Tuesday & Thursday at 5:30a.m,. or Tuesday & Thursday s at 5:30p.m.
Saturday at 8a.m.- 10a.m. (1 hour training, 1 hour body mechanics and stretching)


AOSMN Monthly Unlimited Members: $399

Non-Members: $499

* Payment plan option - pay 50% at registration; balance due May 5th.

Together, this is the Primal Triad. Are you ready to get PRIMAL?

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