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At Art of Strength Minnesota we understand that health and fitness are defined different by every individual. This is your journey and your workout. We pride ourselves on being unique, and we believe you should too! This is why at Art of Strength Minnesota we Follow No One.

In addition to classes, Art of Strength Minnesota offers programs and clinics throughout the year to help personalize your training based on your goals. These programs and clinics include areas of focus such as performance, weight loss, strength building, technique, mobility, wellness, etc. Here are a list of current programs and clinics:



Starting March 7th at 5:30a.m.; March 9th at 5:30p.m.
Next Series: April 25th - May 30th
BARRE is about the physical as well as the aesthetic benefits of lengthening muscles, while strengthening them.
These sessions will combine Pilates, yoga and ballet moves to give you beautiful, sculpted, lean muscles.
Learn to engage your body fully and keep your mind focused which will help you both inside and outside the walls of the gym.

This opportunity is for 6 weeks (choose 5:30a.m. on Tues., or 5:30p.m. on Thurs.) and is limited to 12 participants.




Take your training to the next level!
Upcoming Essentials Courses Start Dates: Saturdays starting April 15th at 10a.m.

Essentials is a 5-week program designed to teach you the 6 essential kettlebell movements: swing, clean, squat, press, snatch and get-up. These 6 movements set the foundation for everything else we do in the gym. They are ‘essential’ to working safely and effectively. During the program, you will meet with an AOSMN coach once a week in a small group setting (2-5 participants). During each session, you will receive the individual attention you need to improve your technique and get a better understanding of our training tools and methods. In addition, over the course of the 5 weeks you’ll put your skills to practice in our group classes. The small group sessions will include variations of the essentials, as well as cover other tools and exercises to prepare you to get the most of your training.

Highlights of each week:

Week 1: Hip hinge and the swing
Week 2: Swing variations and cleans
Week 3: Presses, squats and get-up
Week 4: Windmill and high pulls
Week 5: Snatch and review

The Essentials can be purchased as a package including 5 weeks of unlimited group classes for $199. This offer is recommended and designed to allow for an opportunity to put what you've learned to practice. The sessions can also be purchased separately for $100 (Members) and $125 (Non-Members).



Saturday, April 8th at 10a.m.
The kettlebell snatch is a full-body, power exercise. It works the hamstrings, quads, back, and shoulders. It is nuanced, technical and highly rewarding once mastered. Join Dawn for this 1-hour clinic to discover the secrets to perfecting this powerful movement.

During this clinic you can expect to...

Learn how to derive power from the floor
Hone in on what it means to power with your hips
Feel the effects of taming the weight
Learn how to safely and smoothly transition the weight at the top
Learn how to efficiently flow from repetition to repetition



Choose Wednesdays at 11a.m. or 6:30p.m.; Saturdays at 9a.m.
Strength takes on many different forms. Regardless of your definition, strength should be pursued as a skill. Just like learning how to play an instrument or sport, you must practice consistently with intelligence, intensity, and intent if you expect to improve. During our 8-week strength program, your body and mind will be exposed to a new stimulus to produce a desired outcome: Become the strongest version of yourself.

Following a progressive overload model, you can expect a safe and effective introduction into strength training which focuses on 4 primary skills:
1. Deadlift
2. Squat
3. Bench Press
4. Pull Ups

During the “ramp up” phase of the program, training is lower intensity and higher in volume (low weight/high reps) to engrain the fundamentals and establish a solid base for your strength to be built upon.

As we progress to the later stages, training will shift to higher intensities and lower volumes (high weight/low reps) where the overall objective is to increase pounds on the bar, loading your muscles to demand maximal fiber recruitment, a training practice you may not be unaccustomed to. All these concepts and much more will be demonstrated throughout the 8-weeks of the program.

Due to equipment restraints, participation is limited to 8 slots (4 morning and 4 evening). On Wednesdays, each group will meet to lift. Both groups will come together at 9:00 on Saturdays for a kettlebell, bodyweight and TRX workout that will tax the same muscles with a different load demanding optimal tissue adaptation (growth).

A pre- and post-program body composition test as well as an optional before and after photo will be used to set a baseline and assess progress. Sign up early as slots are expected to fill up quickly. For more information, please contact Coaches Dawn or Son.

Cost: $249 (8 Weeks; 16 sessions)

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