Strength In Motion (S.I.M.)


So you want to focus on strength? We have the class for you. Develop overall authentic strength using weights in motion to engage chains of muscles. Intermediate level. Must have understanding of the AOS ESSENTIALS.



Step up to the challenge! SuperCharged is a fun and technically challenging class. While kettlebell-centric, you can also expect to use barbells, dumbbells, boxes, and the rig in this advanced level, strength-focused format. This is an advanced level class that requires Coach approval.



The AOStrength classes are designed using weight training as the primary activity utilizing tools such as kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells. These classes will be primarily based on reps (number of times the exercise is performed before setting the weight down) and sets (number of times you repeat the number of reps) with timed rest (set recovery between each set). Previous kettlebell and weight training experience recommended.

Cardio Fit


From start to finish, Cardiofit will keep you moving with limited rest resulting in a high calorie burn. The high calorie burn will be accomplished using long tempo intervals combined with circuit and resistance training. You can expect to do more traditional cardio exercises such as running, while packing in an overall body circuit training all in one hour.

FE (Iron) Free


Skip the iron (metal)! The Fe (Iron) Free class will focus on using your own bodyweight while incorporating tools such as ropes and suspension training. Bodyweight training uses the individual's own bodyweight to build strength, increase cardio and enhance mobility and flexibility.



Whether you are progressing up the ladder or down via reps, time or weight, this strength-based class will challenge you to climb to your peak while trying to catch your breath. Good for all levels.



MOBILIZE is a blend of yoga and soft tissue work designed to help correct movement restrictions caused by limitations in flexibility and mobility.
By increasing flexibility (muscle length) and mobility (range of motion) we can improve performance, reduce the risk of injury, decrease soreness and recovery time, and correct imbalances that lead to chronic pain.



Come celebrate all that is Art Of Strength Minnesota in a 90-minute, barn burning, sweat fest with Morgan. No tool is off limits. No muscle will be ignored. Come ready to work and you'll get just what you were looking for (even if you didn't know you we're looking for it).



Mystery will deliver a dynamic full-body workout that combines cardio, strength, and core work to build strength and endurance. This class will be “coaches choice” format, where all the tools in the gym are fair game. Pick your coach and the rest is a mystery!

Power Interval Training (P.I.T.)


Power Interval Training (PIT) will improve your athletic ability and boost your caloric-burn. Considered much more effective than steady-state cardio at improving both your aerobic and anaerobic capacity by alternating segments of work and recovery. Always based on timed intervals, this “give it what you got” workout is a must if you are aiming to build endurance and torch calories!



Be Resilient, be Outstanding and ALWAYS Perform with Attitude.
Put the steel aside! This dynamic class is designed to build strength and endurance utilizing ropes, bandit loops and body weight exercises. This workout will challenge the novice to the advanced! This is a great workout to balance those strength training days. Good for all levels.



TORCH-er focuses on pushing you outside of your physical and psychological comfort zone. Participants will be asked to perform multiple exercises and maintain high heart rates to ensure a relative intensity is maintained for 25-40 minutes.



The Workout & Win Challenge is our grand finale for the Spring Fling! We are excited this year to add new team challenges and leader boards for many of the events.

The Challenge will start at 8a.m. with the 2-person rower team relay. Sign-up sheets will be at the gym starting this Saturday. Register for one of the team events, or add your name to the list and we will create teams.

Other team and individual challenges will be offered. Prizes will be given to top finishers at the breakfast to follow.


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